Simple tips and rules on how to make Arizona white background product look best. Shooting product with a white background sometimes is very similar to a catalog photography, or for a web (except resolution). However, there are few aspects which photographer need to keep in mind during a shoot.

In most cases product will be clipped out from a background and placed on a digital one, so it is important to know what actual color of the package white background it will be.

You have to match the color (or at least get as close as possible), to avoid glowing look (in case if you shoot on a white background and item will be placed on a dark), or dark edges , when you shoot on dark, and product was placed on white package. Also, make sure the background can be clearly separated from the object: white background should be at least 2 stops brighter than the object, black should be darker, so the edges of the object are clearly visible.

It is really depends on what kind of object will be photographed in Arizona, but be prepared to place your product in a shooting white area.

When I shoot kitchenware, most objects has curvy reflective surfaces, which requires to place white screens all around the product to kill unwanted reflections. Sometime a gradient reflector will be needed, as you may not be able to create desired gradient tone on those mirror-like surfaces with the light only.